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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Have added photos of Regal’s Gustavus Von Tempsky figure, click here to view. There is a very good article on Wikipedia on Von Tempsky which you get to through this link.


Have uploaded the first American Civil War photos which you can view here and have also added photos to the Crimean War, The Victorians and the AWI ranges.

Have added some more photos to the World War One range, the New Zealand Auckland Battalion in service caps and the New Zealand Otago Battalion in New Zealand bush hats, both of which served at Gallipoli along with the Maori Contingent which later on the Western front became the Maori Pioneer Battalion. There’s also photos of Turkish Stormtroopers in Palestine in 1917 and German Infantry in their stylish Picklehaubes 1914-1916.

Next up is some photos of Regal’s Dick Henderson figure from Gallipoli plus late war Germans and New Zealanders on the Western Front.

Ian and Alan invited me over the other day to have a look at some of the behind the scenes work, in this case the spin casting process, which you can click here to view.

Have uploaded more photos to the World War One range. Turkish Infantry, New Zealand Mounted Rifles and British Cavalry in Palestine, Australian Light Horse at Beersheba and New Zealand Infantry at Gallipoli. Click here to view.

The New Zealand Infantry are based on the Wellington Battalion which was the only New Zealand battalion to wear the lemon squeezer hats at Gallipoli, the hats themselves being modelled on the Taranaki Regiment hats.

Have uploaded some Maori Warriors photos to the New Zealand Wars range.

Have finally uploaded the first photos to the New Zealand Wars range click here to view. Including a Royal artillery 9pdr, a Congreve rocket shore party from HMS North Star and the 58th Regiment of Foot.

You can view short history essays on HMS North Star and the 58th Foot click here to view.

Will upload some Maori warriors  over the next few days.

I have just added photos of Caesar the Anzac dog to the World War One Range

click here to view

Caesar was a trained Red Cross dog and attached to A company, 4th Battalion, the New Zealand Rifle brigade. Before the brigade was sent overseas he lead the grand parade down Auckland’s Queen street. He helped rescue wounded soldiers during the Battle of the Somme in 1916, being especially useful at night with his good sense of smell. Sadly he was later killed in action and his collar is now held at the Auckland War Memorial museum in New Zealand.

By the way, the author of this madness is myself, Scott, early forties and live in Featherston, New Zealand. I have had a long and keen interest in history, toy soldiers and wargaming  and enjoy photography. All the photos of the Regal figures, and a lot of the photos of historical sites that will appear here, are taken by myself. I have known Ian and Alan of Regal for a few years now, ever since they ran their shop on the main street of Greytown, New Zealand, which however is no longer there, though rumors abound. This blog is a way for me to combine a lot of interests in one project and also as a way to help out Ian and Alan to raise the profile of their figures, which I believe are beautiful and very well painted, and who knows they might give me a job in the future…or sue me.

Regal figures can be bought locally in New Zealand at several different retail shops or on-line through their own web-site or through the toy-soldier gallery or stockade miniatures in the USA. Check out the links below to access the on-line options or here is a list of New Zealand shops if you’re local or just passing through the country.

Auckland Museum

National Army Museum

Native Agent

NZ Historic Places Trust

Pickwicks, Greytown

Sommerfields, Wellington

The Scottish shop, Dunedin