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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Have added the first Roman photos to the Roman and Celt range, still have the catapult, bullock cart and other figures left to photo.


Have added photos of the Celts that Alan has just painted up, next up the Romans

Sorry for the long delay, school holidays means I’m rather tied up entertaining the kids, but will try and take some more photos this week. Didn’t make it to the airshow up in Masterton on the weekend, though I suspect it didn’t go ahead because of the foul weather. On the Regal front, Alan has finished painting up some Romans so will try and get photos of them this week, and he is working on Celts and Matte ACW  and Ian has been on holiday up north and taken some photos of some historical sites associated with the New Zealand Wars so will try and get them on here too. He has also been working on a new range which will be available from them world wide, but they don’t want to ruin the surprise yet.

Have added photos to the Armies on Parade range

Have added photos of Regal’s Moa hunter figures. The Moa is an extinct flightless giant bird which once roamed New Zealand but are believed to have become extinct circa 1500 due to hunting by early Maori. Click here to view.

Have added photos of Confederate cavalry to the ACW Glossy range.

Have added the 99th Foot and the Armed Constabulary to the New Zealand Wars range.

Have added some more photos to the Egypt and Sudan, AWI and Armies on Parade ranges.

Next up I saw Alan and Ian painting up some Romans and Celts so will try and get some photos of them before they are sent off, also Ian has promised to show me the drop casting process and on the 23rd is a big airshow up in Masterton. The vintage aircraft society is rolling out their WW1 planes so I might try and get along to take some photos, especially of their Fe2 bomber.

Have added  photos to the World War One range  with photos of the Vickers, the New Zealand Rifle brigade on the Western Front, German Infantry in Stahlhelm and several Highlander units, including the 6th Battalion Highland Light Infantry the only unit to wear the kilt at Gallipoli.

Have added photos of the German Maxim to the World War One Range. Have finished taken photos of all the WW1 figures and will hopefully have them uploaded by the end of the week.