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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Have added a couple more sets to the Armies on Parade range, a Indian army camel rider and the modern day Croatian Presidential Guard.


Have added the Wolf Gun of Mafeking to the Boer War range. This nifty little 4.5inch howitzer was made from a drainpipe by Major Panzera during the siege of Mafeking and fired cannonballs made at an improvised blast furnace. The crew, along with Baden-Powell in white, are shown posing for their photograph after the lifting of the siege. You can see the gun here.

Have added photos to five more ranges, Russo-Japanese War, North Africa, NorthWest frontier, Boer war and Egypt and Sudan

Have uploaded pictures to the Boxer rebellion range

Have uploaded the photos of the Spanish-American War figures. A small range, but very nice.

Have added four more ranges to the database, Russo-Japanese War, Spanish-American war, North Africa (Foreign Legion) and the NorthWest frontier. Have taken photos of the figures and will hopefully have them uploaded soon.

Have added photos to the ACW Matte and WWI Matte ranges. Very nice looking figures I must say.

Have added French and Americans to the World War One range, including Foreign Legion and US Marines.

Found this rare Soldiers of the World WWI figures lurking in the corner at the Regal workshop. Austrian and Russian Infantry. The molds were made, some figures made and painted up, but then were never put in production. They were also intended for the Armies in Plastic range too.

You can view them in the World War One Range galleries.

Have added photos of Roman and Syrian Archers to the Roman and Celt range.