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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Have added photos of the rather nifty Roman Water Cart, Supply Wagons and pack Mules


Have added some more Napoleonic sets, French Light Infantry, Vistula Legion and Irish legion, still more to come….

Have added more photos to the Napoleonic Range, French infantry and Westfalians.

Alan has just finished painting up a special order, the “Chosen Men” from the 95th Regiment, very nice. You can see them in the Napoleonic range.

Alan recently made a trip down to the South Island of New Zealand and visited a few historical sites, one of which was the ship The Edwin Fox, the oldest merchant sailing ship still afloat and has the distinction of having being used as a troop transport during the Crimean War. It currently rest in Picton at the top of the South Island. You can see it here in the historical sites section.

Have added a new section to the blog, 28mm figures, where I’ll be able to indulge in my other passion, 28mm wargaming, starting with some of Gary Hunt’s miniatures which I’ve just finished painting for Ian and Alan so they can use them at the New Zealand National Wargaming convention at Easter.

Have added photos of the Mahdi’s warriors to the Egypt and Sudan range, Dervishes, Mahdists, Beja warriors and others

Have added 1812 Russians to the Napoleonic Range

Have added new pages to the historical site section, photos of the memorial site just outside Featherston which commerates the WW1 Army camp and the WW2 Japanese POW camp. Have also added a selection of historical photos their respective pages.

Have added Prussians to the Napoleonic Range