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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Have added photos of Egyptian and British Cavalry to the Egypt and Sudan range, including this wonderful Bengal Lancer from 1882


Have taken some photos of the latest SOW WWI set in development, the Hotchkiss MG, the plans are to produce them either with a French or American crew. The photos can be found in the behind the scenes section along with some new photos in the paintbench page.

Alan has just finished painting up a lot of Zulu War sets. I have listed them on here with their set numbers as they correspond with the Regal Web site. Set ZW10/A the iNdlondlo Regiment is a brand new set, these being the very first painted examples and the 17th Lancers were actually never listed in any catalog.

Have added photos of some different West Point Military Academy sets, including this impressive looking passing out parade. The photos can be found in the Armies on Parade range.

Have finally added the first cavalry photos to the Napoleonic Range, Dutch and Polish Lancers, Carabiniers, Cuirassiers and Dismounted Dragoons.

Have added the firstĀ  Napoleonic British photos

The guys at Regal are looking to add a new range (available world wide) and were looking for some feedback. Here are some possible new ranges that I wouldn’t mind seeing. Leave a comment on what you think or you might have another range in mind.

WWI East Africa

Mexican-Texas War

Jacobite Rebellions

New World (Conquistador/Aztec/Inca)

Seven Years War

Thirty Years War

Have added the Confederate Matte pictures

Have added photos of the Union figures to the ACW Matte range, next up the Confederates

Have added photos of the metal versions of the Armies in Plastic figures to the ACW Matte range