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Monthly Archives: June 2010

This article appeared in a local paper a few weeks ago. The picture is of one of the barges used by the Anzacs at Gallipoli. You can read the article here.


Have posted photos of the finished WWI Germans in the WWI Matte range. You can see them unfinished in the photo of the previous post.

Took some quick photos of the paint table the other day, including these Matte WWI Germans.

Have added photos to seven British Napoleonic cavalry sets. The 10th, 15th and 18th Hussars were never put into production so these are the only known examples.

Took these photos today of a Hotchkiss in the  painting process

A word of explanation for the lack of updates and new pictures, it’s the Football World Cup’s fault, I have been too busy watching games and cheering on New Zealand’s incredible results, including getting up at 2am to watch NZ play Italy. I do have some photos to upload hopefully soon, British Napoleonic Cavalry and matte WWI Germans. In the meantime a nice comparison photo of two WWI Germans, a matte figure on the left and a glossy on the right.

Found some more rare WWI figures hiding in the workshop, German Jaegers, this being only one of two sets ever made.

Have added photos of these recently painted Union Infantry in Greatcoats to the American Civil War Glossy range.

This little figure came to light in the workshop at Regal, it’s the flag bearer for the West Point¬† Bi-Centennial Flag in 2002. Can be found in the Armies on Parade range.

Took these photos of the first every painted Turkish Maxim, latest addition to the SOW WWI range. You can see all the photos here.