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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Have added photos of a finished Hotchkiss to the WW1 range, quick link here.


New photos soon, the boys are working on Hotchkiss, WW1 Russian Cossacks and WW1 Austrians so will try and get some photos of them soon

Have added photos of the cavalry to the AWI range

Have added photos of two special orders to the ACW Matte range, the Mounted Rifle Regiment, later designated 3rd Cavalry during the Civil War and a special order of Union Cavalry.

Stopped by at Regal this morning and took these photos of the finished Camel Corp figures, all the photos can be found in the Egypt and Sudan range.

Have added five regiments of Continentals in hunting shirts to the range, cavalry to follow.

Back from holiday in the snow and hot pools around Lake Taupo so time to add some photos of four AWI artillery sets, Continental and Rhode Island, British Royal and French artillery.

Have added two more sets to the AWI range. Two Hessian Regiments, Anhalt-Zerbsat and V.Trumbach. Have taken photos also of AWI Cavalry, artillery and continentals in hunting shirts so am hoping to get those posted up if I get a chance with the school holidays on at the moment.

Finally able to bring you the very first photos of the latest Soldiers of the World figures by Regal, British Camel Corp Sudan 1884. If you go to the Behind the Scenes page you’ll see that there’s two entries for the Camel Corp, in development and painting. I took the development photos a while ago but the boys wanted me to wait posting them until that process had finished. They’ve only just started painting the first of them so I’ll try and get regular photos of them while that’s under way. There’s lots of different baggage variations including a mountain gun which you can see on the in development page.