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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Have added photos to a new range, Early American Wars in Matte, starting with Rogers Rangers and Northeastern Woodland Indians.


Have added a few more vehicles to the Late War German range  in the 28mm figures section

And took these photos of the Roman army display which is in the same shop as the diorama below, quick link here Roman Army

Took these photos of a diorama the boys at Regal have put together for a shop window display here in our part of the world, quick link here Gallipoli Diorama

Have added the first photos of some of my Late War WW2 German Vehicles, more to follow

Added a few more photos to the ACE Glossy range, Zouaves, Union Infantry and Virginia Military Institute

Something a bit different, Regal produce these nifty little sculpts for the New Zealand Army, they are used as a presentation item for long service or leaving a unit and are sculpts of  actually recovery vehicles (American I believe). They were sculpted by Tony Ashcroft. Ian reckons the Army has only two of these vehicles, one in the North Island and one in  the South.

Alan has finished a set of WWI Austrian Infantry in the new Pike Grey colour which looks a lot better than the old colour.

Have added the first photos of some of my WW2 wargamming figures and vehicles, starting with some early war German vehicles

Have added some photos of my latest wargamming project, a Sub-Roman British army for the DBMM system. Haven’t finished the whole army yet so will post pictures of the different elements as I finish them. Quick link here Romano-British.