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Monthly Archives: September 2010

The boys have been busy painting up more camels for the Sudan so I have taken photos and posted them in the Egypt and Sudan range. I’ve listed them with their proper set numbers at the bottom of the page


And even more Camel Corp, this time Royal Artillery in their nice blue tunics, quick link here Royal Artillery

Have added photos of some newly painted Guards Camel Regiment figures in their campaign grey tunics. Quick link here Guards Camel

Found this article in a local newspaper last week, quick link here Battle of Britain Lace

The boys at Regal have been busy painting Gatling Guns so have added pictures of three of the sets. Royal Artillery in the Zulu Wars Range, Royal Marines and Coldstream Guards in the Egypt and Sudan Range.

Have added photos of the Roman heavy Catapult, very nice paint job, just finished this week. Quick link here Catapult

Have added a few photos of some the latest figures Gary is working on or has just finished. You can find them here In Development

A few photos of what’s on the Paintbench at the moment, you can find all the photos in the Behind the scenes section under The Paintbench September.