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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Have finally finished my Romano-British army and have added the last photos of the Auxilia


Have added the photos of the French 75’s (1914 uniform and 1915 uniform) and the US Marines 75 in the WWI Glossy range.

Have added photos of Regal’s Custer figure. You can find him in the ACW Glossy range.

Have added photos of the French and US Marines Hotchkiss MG to the World War I Glossy range.

Sorry about the long break, have been very busy the past two weeks with camps and school fairs and just haven’t had a chance to add any new photos. But have managed to get some photos of some finished Hotchkiss machine guns and French 77mm Guns so will add them within the next couple of days.

Have nearly finished my Romano-British army so have added more photos, you can see them here.

Managed to snatch a quick hour at Regal today and got  shots of some of the figures on the paintbench at the moment, including this French Hotchkiss. More photos here.

Sorry, no new updates for a while, school holidays in out part of the world which means if I’m not doing things with the kids I’m fighting them for computer time. Will post some more photos of 28mm figures this week if I get the chance.