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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Have added a new range, American War of Independence in Matte ,and have added the first photos, British and Continental Cavalry.



Two more sets from the Sudan, Mounted Dervishes and dismounted Camel Corps.

Have also added a few photos of my Romano-British army in it’s first game vs a Scots army of my friend John. Good game, I won in the end after a hard slog in the middle of the battle, I was beating back his Islemen but suffering at the hands of his Scots/Viking warbands. The timely arrival of my flank march of cavalry swung the battle my way in the end.


Have added photos of the Royal Artillery Gatling Gun to the Egypt and Sudan range.

Have added photos of the Camel Corp 10lb Screw Guns with crew. There are two different sets, one with the crew in full uniform and the other with them in shirts.

Alan has recently painted up some Napoleonic Cavalry for a bloke in Aussie so I have added their photos to the range. There are French Cuirassiers and Carabiniers and British Blues and Royals, Life Guards and 18th Hussars. You can spot them in the range by the “2” next to each of their listings.

Have added some more Confederate Cavalry and a Confederate 12lb Napoleon to the ACW Glossy range.

Have added the first photos of some of my WW2 British vehicles in the 28mm figures section, quick link here