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Monthly Archives: January 2011

No more photos from the airshow, it rained the whole last day so no flying, instead some photos of a special order Regal has just finished, Scottish Horse from WW1. This was made for a guy whose father served in this unit and the figure is actually modeled on a photo of him.


Have added some photos from the Wings over Wairarapa airshow I was at yesterday. It was only a practice day so not to many planes flying, will be there again tomorrow so will hopefully have a few more action shots. The page can be found in the historical section or a quick link here WoW

Have added some photos of my just completed Leib Line Regiment to the Brunswick Army, next up i’ll be working on the Grenadiers and Artillery.

Managed to finally get some decent computer time and add the first photos for a long time (sorry, holidays and kids). So have added some photos to the Napoleonic range, Imperial Review Legion of  Honour, At Attention and Generals, a full set of the Imperial Snuff and a full set of 71st Highland Light Infantry.


Back from the holidays so should be able to get some new photos posted soon. Off to the Wings over Wairarapa airshow in a couple of weeks with the boys so should be able to get some shots of the WW1 and WW2 planes on display there.