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Category Archives: Napoleonic

Managed to finally get some decent computer time and add the first photos for a long time (sorry, holidays and kids). So have added some photos to the Napoleonic range, Imperial Review Legion of  Honour, At Attention and Generals, a full set of the Imperial Snuff and a full set of 71st Highland Light Infantry.



I managed to get some photos of some of the latest figures the boys have been working on, starting with these Napoleonic French Engineers

Alan has recently painted up some Napoleonic Cavalry for a bloke in Aussie so I have added their photos to the range. There are French Cuirassiers and Carabiniers and British Blues and Royals, Life Guards and 18th Hussars. You can spot them in the range by the “2” next to each of their listings.

Have added photos to seven British Napoleonic cavalry sets. The 10th, 15th and 18th Hussars were never put into production so these are the only known examples.

Have finally added the first cavalry photos to the Napoleonic Range, Dutch and Polish Lancers, Carabiniers, Cuirassiers and Dismounted Dragoons.

Have added the first  Napoleonic British photos

Have added a few more Napoleonic sets, Italian Grenadier and Chasseur Guard, Engineers of the Guard, Sailors of the Guard and Gendarmes d’Elite

Have added three French Old Guard sets to the Napoleonic range

Have added photos of three French Middle Guard sets to the Napoleonic range

Have added photos to two special sets in the Napoleonic range, The Imperial Snuff and the Imperial Review