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Category Archives: Photos

Something a bit different, Regal produce these nifty little sculpts for the New Zealand Army, they are used as a presentation item for long service or leaving a unit and are sculpts of  actually recovery vehicles (American I believe). They were sculpted by Tony Ashcroft. Ian reckons the Army has only two of these vehicles, one in the North Island and one in  the South.


Have added some more photos to the Egypt and Sudan, AWI and Armies on Parade ranges.

Next up I saw Alan and Ian painting up some Romans and Celts so will try and get some photos of them before they are sent off, also Ian has promised to show me the drop casting process and on the 23rd is a big airshow up in Masterton. The vintage aircraft society is rolling out their WW1 planes so I might try and get along to take some photos, especially of their Fe2 bomber.