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Category Archives: Wargaming

Have finished the army commander for my Brunswick Army, Ferdinand of Brunswick, The base also includes two Garde du corps figures


Have finally finished some more of my 28mm Seven Years War Brunswick army, two artillery pieces which I can use either as 6 or 3-pdrs.

Have added some photos from the ValleyCon competition that I took part in a few weeks ago, quick link here

Have added some photos of my just completed Leib Line Regiment to the Brunswick Army, next up i’ll be working on the Grenadiers and Artillery.

Have finished my first unit for my Seven Years War Brunswick Army, Hussars von Roth.

Have also added a few photos of my Romano-British army in it’s first game vs a Scots army of my friend John. Good game, I won in the end after a hard slog in the middle of the battle, I was beating back his Islemen but suffering at the hands of his Scots/Viking warbands. The timely arrival of my flank march of cavalry swung the battle my way in the end.


Have added the first photos of some of my WW2 British vehicles in the 28mm figures section, quick link here

Have finally finished my Romano-British army and have added the last photos of the Auxilia

Have nearly finished my Romano-British army so have added more photos, you can see them here.

Have added a few more vehicles to the Late War German range  in the 28mm figures section