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Category Archives: World War One

Toy Soldiers from the Regal WW1 range, including Turks, Anzacs, early and late war Germans

Have added photos of some brand new WWI figures. These are the 15th/16th New Zealand Companies of the Imperial Camel Corp in Palestine 1917. The camel is sculptured by Gary Hunt of Weta Workshop fame and the riders and baggage are by Regal. Nice looking figures. The rest of the photos can be found at the top of the list in the World War One Glossy range.


Have added some more Austrian Infantry to the WW1 Glossy range

No more photos from the airshow, it rained the whole last day so no flying, instead some photos of a special order Regal has just finished, Scottish Horse from WW1. This was made for a guy whose father served in this unit and the figure is actually modeled on a photo of him.

Have added the photos of the French 75’s (1914 uniform and 1915 uniform) and the US Marines 75 in the WWI Glossy range.

Have added photos of the French and US Marines Hotchkiss MG to the World War I Glossy range.

Took these photos of a diorama the boys at Regal have put together for a shop window display here in our part of the world, quick link here Gallipoli Diorama

Alan has finished a set of WWI Austrian Infantry in the new Pike Grey colour which looks a lot better than the old colour.

Have added photos of some freshly painted WW1 Russian Cossacks to the WW1 Glossy range. Quick link here, Cossacks.

Have added a couple of photos to the behind the scenes section of the different stages that the Pike Grey paint for the WW1 Austrians has gone through. Alan has conceded that it’s an almost impossible colour to get 100 % right but he’s fairly sure they’ve almost got it with the figure on the far right in the photo below

Have added photos of a finished Hotchkiss to the WW1 range, quick link here.