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Norman Cavalry have been added to the 1066 range.


Had a bit of time tonight so added the photos of the Norman Cavalry en masse. I’ll add the individual figures over the week. Forgot to mention that there are also some new Saxon sets out soon.

Been so busy with other things I didn’t realise how long it was since my last post. But I have some new photos to add over the next week, mounted Normans, Russian infantry from the Boxer Rebellion and some more of my Seven Years War Brunswick army. The news from Regal is that there will be another totally new range out this year.

Have added a few of the American sets to the Boxer Rebellion Range

Regal has a new website which you can see here

Have added photos of the some of the Italian and Russian sets to the Boxer Rebellion range.

Have added the French and Japanese to the Boxer Rebellion Range

The boys have been busy working on the Boxer Rebellion Range over the past month and a bit and I have been able to get some photos of the finished sets. If you go to the Boxer Rebellion Range page you’ll see that’s it’s been updated to list all the proper sets of the range and I’ve started with the British sets to post photos. Over the next few days I’ll post photos of some of the other sets (French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and American).

Have added a few photos of the figures on the paint table at the moment, Us, French, Italians and Japanese from the Boxer rebellion. Should have photos of the finished figures next week.

Have finished adding the rest of the 1066 infantry sets. Norman cavalry will be coming soon.